Au (Lyrics)

Au (Gold)

I Like the places we went with our souls.
And though we were faced with the end of our road,
I’m doing fine in my singular mind,
In a space where pretending is old.

But that time was like gold, on my mind.
A thing to behold, in the sky.
But sinking like cold, and moving aside,
For a new heat to rise.

Wasting time thinking what’s next on my road.
I’m not even sure I could carry that load.
It will drift unto me when I’m ready to see,
And save me from being alone.

That thought is like gold, on my mind.
Black like a hole, consuming my time.
So I’m letting it go, to materialize
In a timing divine.

Wander the landscape, I wonder if I,
Have already seen you, did we share an eye?
When the shape of your ghost comes to rest in a host,
Will you pass the test I designed?

You’re already gold, in my mind.
I don’t want to close, up and hide,
But I know I could burn, in your light,
So I’m taking my time.

© 2018 Like Clockbroke Music, ASCAP