Infinite (Lyrics)


Wandering my head again.
Seems the loop I’ve stuck me in,
Is Infinite.
Tears that fall beneath my crown,
May appear like sadness now,
But they’ve watered down
My poisoned mouth.

And I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend,
The fragile power in my hand.

In this life we do create,
Everything about our fate.
And yet I wait.
If I don’t create a spark,
And paint instead with colors dark,
You’ll never see,
The light in me.

If I can’t hold the faith within my head,
I will live in fear instead.
So I am holding deep within my thought,
The grace that I’ve already got.

Wandering my head again.
Time to let the noise descend,
To my heart instead.
Tears that fell without a sound,
Have all but dried up on the ground.
I don’t need to see,
What’s next for me.

I can make my path without a plan,
‘Cuz someone’s always got my hand.

Wandering my head again.
Seems the loop I’d stuck me in,
Has reached the end.

© 2018 Like Clockbroke Music, ASCAP