Time (Lyrics)


Oooo, the sun.

There and back again,

Another day is done.


Ooo, the breath,

A suicide that’s been disguised,

As living, to death.


Time it went,

Where all my time is spent.


I traded days,

For half an ounce of silver,

For funding my escape.


I’d be alright,

If you would burn the photographs,

I used to call my life.


Time replays,

Reminds me why I stay.


My Path unfolds.

Like floating down the river,

To travel where it flows.


And for a while,

I breath a sigh, and say goodbye,

Escape into the wild.


Time it fades,

And memories take it’s place.

But time renews,

So don’t go losing faith.

© 2017 Like Clockbroke Music, ASCAP