You Here (Lyrics)


The burden of your light,

Is wondering where you’ll,

Choose to let it shine.

I can’t stand the time,

It’s taking me to,

Try and make it, mine.


But I can’t sleep, with you here.

And I don’t speak, what you hear.


Try to paint with grace.

But I’m stumbling with,

Paint across my face.

A likeness of my soul,

With a little help from,

Smoke and mirrors,

Covering the holes.


My hands shake, when you’re near,

But I can’t wait, for you here.




Before you walk away,

I plan to stand with,

Poker hand displayed.

Our souls could be the mold,

To cast a life from,

Melted hearts of gold.


My heart beats, with you here.

My blood heats, when you’re near.

Can’t be slave, to my fear.

Scream your name… so you hear.

© 2017 Like Clockbroke Music, ASCAP